Advertising Ideas and Strategies for your business 2021

Advertising Ideas and Strategies for your business 2021

Business in 2021 is presenting some new challenges to get the word out there. For your small business, here are some strategies to push your name out there:

Building an SEO-Friendly Website
SEO stands for ‘Search-Engine-Optimisation’ and is one of the biggest hidden strategies in small business marketing to reach a larger audience. SEO includes writing your business name in the captions of social media photos, creating blog posts and newsletters that can be found through a search engine like Google, to draw customers to your website without searching for your company name.
2. Social Media Marketing
With businesses going online, creating an online presence on social media is important. Unlike Google that uses keywords to find your business, Social Media uses location, name and description to bring new customers to you. Keeping the essential business details on Social Media is the new business card.
3. Visual Communication
Has your business recently considered looking at your logo? business cards? letterheads? The first thing a customer notices is the bright logo. With an online presence, the target market of your business is larger. Reconsidering bold design choices from the last decade is a strong business decision, but sometimes necessary. If you are interested in a visual communication redesign, contact us today for an evaluation.
4. Print Letterboxing
Print Letterboxing is back, with work at home the potential for finding a local market has increased. From Brochures to DL Flyers, if you are seeking a new advertising method around your local area, contact us today for a quote.
5. Email Marketing
Email Marketing is the future online business strategy to maintain a regular base and communication between the business and client. Free-to-use email servers such as Mailchimp, offer a range of templates or hand-made email campaigns for you to begin your first business newsletter.

As for printing advertisement, we highly recommend these as the basics for getting started:

1. 3-Fold Letterbox Flyers
Going back to basics and letterboxing to advertise is perfect in this current business landscape. 3-Fold flyers allow for plenty of space to get your business message across.
2. Custom Logo Notepads
Notepads are a useful advertising tool for businesses to leave an impression on recurring and new clients every time they need to write down information.
3. Pocket-Sized to A4 Calendars
Calendars are a fantastic business tactic for clients to see your contact details at all moments of the year. 
4. Branded Business Cards
Business Cards are an important tool for all businesses and a staple for keeping in contact with returning clients.
5. A5 Poster Flyers
A5 Poster Flyers are perfect for fitting into letterboxes, taping to windows or handing out.

Contact us today for a quote on the business advertisement basics, or contact us about designs for your business advertising from our Visual Communications Expert.